How it works

How it works for Fans and Bands

Music Fans

Has this ever happened to you…away for the weekend, itching to check out some awesome live music, spend hours trying to find a cool gig near you but give up in frustration? We’re about to change all of that. 

Gigs2U helps music fans find bands and live events, wherever they are. 

Discover new bands, search for bands you already love, play music videos, enter our awesome competitions, read our music blogs, subscribe to our site, and more. 


Don’t you wish you could promote your up-and-coming gigs and build a fan base without spending a fortune? If you’re serious about building a following, registering with Gigs2U could be the break you’re looking for. 

Gigs2U is an awesome promotion platform for musicians and bands. Promote to fans, venues and other musicians. List your events, link your music videos, create classified ads, find music equipment, enter competitions and more. 

At Gigs2U you can:
  • Easily connect with fellow music enthusiasts
  • Discover awesome live music, wherever you are
  • Easily track where bands/musos are playing
  • Hire a band – headache free - through our site
  • State-by-state – see who’s playing ‘near me’
  • Discover new bands and search for bands you know and love
  • Play music videos
  • Find music equipment
  • Enter awesome contests 
  • Subscribe to keep up-to-date on bands, venues and topics
  • Read our music blogs

  • Promote your band and build your fan base
  • Build relationships with Gigs2U readers 
  • Tell music lovers about your upcoming gigs
  • Be discovered by venues and get hired for gigs
  • Link your music videos
  • Create classified ads
  • Find music equipment in our marketplace
  • Enter awesome contests
  • Subscribe to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the music world
  • Read our music blogs

And more…